11th SgSI Annual Symposium
30 - 31 May 2019

11th SgSI Annual Symposium

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30-a Symposium

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Advances in flow cytometry are enabling researchers to routinely run immunophenotyping panels of up to 30 colours, and also make sophisticated metabolic measurements of immune cells. To help you start doing these assays we are holding a “Polychromatic & Immunometabolism Flow Cytometry Workshop” on Wednesday May 29 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, one day prior to the SgSI 11th Annual Symposium. This day long workshop will give you the tools and understanding to begin doing these cutting edge assays.

The topics and speakers for the workshop are:

Keefe Chee, BD

“Polychromatic Panel Design for flow cytometry”

  • ·Evolution of flow cytometry: dyes and instrumentation
  • ·Accuracy of correct SOV
  • ·How to incorporate spread into panel design
  • ·Watch outs in sample preparation
  • ·Ez-Strategy for 8-10 color panel
  • ·Strategy for bigger panel

Anis Larbi, SIgN A*STAR

“Polychromatic Flow Cytometry Experiments”

  • ·Reagents and equipment
  • ·Expertise required
  • ·From 2 to 20 parameter flow experiments: practicalities
  • ·Do’s and Don’ts in polychromatic cytometry

Jinmiao Chen, SiGN A*STAR

“Cytofkit2 for automated flow/mass cytometry data analysis”

  • ·Debarcoding
  • ·Bead normalization
  • ·ModalGate for automated pre-gating
  • ·Web-based tool for bench scientists
  • ·Merging multiple panels
  • ·Generate automated analysis report

AHL Patricia Jennifer* & Renu Balyan^ *IMCB, A*STAR  ^ Gascoigne lab, NUS

“Measuring Immunometabolism by Flow Cytometry”

  • ·Why Immunometabolism?
  • ·Range of metabolic reagents
  • ·Methods of staining and sample preparation
  • ·Considerations and complications

Registration for this workshop is free for all current SgSI members (i.e. you registered as a member or renewed your membership this year). For non-SgSI members the registration fee is $50.  You can become a SgSI member here https://www.sgsi.org.sg/index.php?option=com_user&view=register.

To enrol for this workshop go to http://tinyurl.com/sgsiflow

Spaces are limited so register early to make sure you reserve your place!

Kindly sponsored by BD!

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Submit your abstracts for short talks and poster presentations for 11th SgSI Annual Symposium at https://tinyurl.com/sgsi11

Abstract submission deadline : 30th April, 2019.

Registration deadline: 12th May, 2019.

Overseas participants requiring accommodation, email Mukul at a0123660@u.nus.edu

Register at https://tinyurl.com/sgsi11.

For any enquiries, email us at enquiry@sgsi.org.sg.


Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore


30 - 31 May 2019


12:00am to 11:59pm



11th SgSI Annual Symposium

11th SgSI Annual Symposium

30 May 2019

Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore

10th SgSI Anniversary Symposium

10th SgSI Anniversary Symposium

31 May 2018

Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore