Research Fellow

The Laboratory of Cell Therapy and Cancer Vaccine in the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) has been developing cellular immunotherapy for cancers for the last 17 years. Since 2002, we have successfully completed four clinical studies to treat advanced nasopharyngeal and colorectal cancer patients, by treating them with allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, autologous dendritic cell vaccines and adoptive transfer of autologous EBV-specific T cells. To continue and also to expand our work in developing effective cancer immunotherapy strategies, we are seeking to recruit a junior postdoctoral Research Fellow who is passionate and has patience to learn to become a 'tatsujini in the art of scale-up/scale-out production of perfectly happy cells for clinical use.

The incumbent will be expected to drive translational research and process development of cellular therapy with the ultimate goal of clinical translation in solid and haematological malignancies. Initiative, personal drive and teamwork qualities are required as we work in collaboration with local and international collaborators as well as clinical investigators.



  • Establish and process development of cellular therapy platforms (primary human immune cell culture).
  • Design and execution of project plans involving immune cell profiling, cell processing from human blood samples and xenograft models, cytotoxicity, proliferation, activation, cell viability, and survival assays.
  • Perform data analysis and interpretation.
  • Translation of production methods into GMP-compliant processes.
  • Contribute to grant writing and dissemination activities (e.g. presentations at local and international meetings, manuscript preparation).



  • Recent PhD graduate in Immunology, or equivalent.
  • Experience and knowledge of the immune system and tumour immunology.
  • Experience with culturing of primary human immune cells (T cells, NK cells, DCs etc)


- Experience with multi-colour flow cytometry and flow data analysis is required.
- Able to work independently and collaborate proficiently and communicate effectively with colleagues and management teams.
- Ability to explain complex scientific principle in layman terms is a plus, to be able to explain the scientific rationale of the experimental treatments to patients and their family members prior to their consenting to take part in the clinical trials.

Application Instructions

In not more than 6 pages in a single PDF document, please include academic CV, two academic referees and how your research interests and experience align with the Responsibilities and Requirements stated above. To send your CV or for further enquiry, please e-mail to Dr Peter Wang at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..